Marks of a healthy church essay

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The Marks of the Church

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Marks of the Church

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10 Signs You are Part of an Unhealthy Church

In “Nine Marks of a Healthy Church,” Mark Dever explained that in Christianity church is not defined as a building. He wrote, “According to the New Testament, the church is primarily a body of people who profess and give evidence that they have been saved by God’s grace alone.”. The four marks of the Church are that it is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.

The Church Is One Just as God is one in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, so also is the Church one. In one sense, the nine marks of an unhealthy church could simply be the opposite of all that makes for a healthy church, so that unhealthy churches ignore membership and discipline and expository preaching and all the rest.

But the signs of church sickness are not always so obvious. “Nine Marks of a Healthy Church is one of the very best, most readable, and useful books for learn-ing how to lead a church into spiritual change. Its focus is not on church growth but on church health, which is the proper goal of a God-centered ministry.

Each chapter gives the biblical ratio. By the end of the year, our church had a better grasp on the Psalms as a whole.

More importantly, the Psalms had a better grasp on us. Gerald Wilson’s essay on “The Shape of the Book of Psalms” was pure gold. Get your hands on this essay.

9 Marks of an Unhealthy Church

Healthy Plurality = Durable Church, by Dave Harvey. The marks of the church are treated in The Confession of the English Congregation at Geneva (), the French Confession of Faith (), articles ; the Scottish Confession of Faith (), chapters 16 and 18, and the Belgic Confession of Faith (), articles 27 .

Marks of a healthy church essay
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